Local Zmanim

Zmanim for 168 Adams St., Newton MA:
  • Sunrise: 5:59am
  • Kriat Shema (M''A): 8:45am
  • Kriat Shema (Gr''A): 9:21am
  • Latest Tefillah: 10:29am
  • Chatzot: 12:44pm
  • Mincha Gedola: 1:17pm
  • Mincha Katana: 4:40pm
  • Plag HaMincha: 6:04pm
  • Sunset: 7:29pm

Nachas Notes

Happy anniversary to Michael and Lucy Partensky (April 5)!
Happy Birthday to Matan Kabillio (March 31 and 24 Adar II), grandson of Harold and Sybil Binder.
Happy Birthday to David Sloane!  (April 18th)
Happy birthday to Maddy Kadden, April 7th.
Mazal Tov to Herbert and Susanne Spatz, who are celebrating their wedding anniversary on April 29th!
Happy birthday to Eliana Walker!  (April 10th and 7 Nisan)

Refuah List

Leah bat Bassie
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Happy Passover!

passov4The Adams Street Shul wishes you, and all your friends and loved ones, a joyous Peasch! 

See our calendar for the holiday scheduule, including candle-lighting times, services times, and the times to search for chametz, cease eating chametz, burning chametz, and so on.  (See the article below for information about selling your chametz.)

If you need a break from cleaning, we hope you receive inspiration from some of our online recorded Passover educational programs: 

The Five Mitzvot of the Seder



The Pesach - Rosh Chodesh Connection



The Sefer HaChinnuch on Pesach



Rebbe Nachman on the Symbolism of Matzah Rabbi
Seder, Seder, Who's Got a Seder?

sederAs in years past, we are matchmaking:  If you are looking for a Seder to attend or know someone without a seder to go to, or if you are hosting a Seder and have space for more guests, please email

Finding Childhood... Again

schwaber-Evelyne-AlbrechtEvelyne Albrecht Schwaber, a renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, was four years old when she fled Vienna with her parents in 1938, six months after the Anschluss.  Two years later, after a temporary sojourn in Switzerland, she and her parents came to the United States. 

On Sunday, April 27 (28 Nissan 5774), Dr. Schwaber will be the Guest Speaker at the annual Community-Wide Yom Ha-Shoah Commemoration, which is co-sposonsored by the Adams Street Shul.  The title of her presentation is “Finding My Childhood – Again: Fleeing the Shoah.”

The program will also include a video feature and a presentation by Maimonides students.  “Yom Hashoah is a day of remembrance,” Dr. Schwaber says. “My story tells of the nature and power of memories lost and recovered.”

This year's commemoration will be held at the S. Joseph Solomont Synagogue, at the Maimonides School (34 Philbrick Rd., Brookline).  The commemoration begins at 8:00 PM, preceded by mincha at 7:30 PM.  

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Nice News of Noah!

Cheses Noah and Sarah - FamilyMazal Tov to Nechama and Aryeh Cheses on the Chag HaSemikhah of their son, Rabbi Noah Cheses, last Sunday at Yeshiva University.  

To learn more about Rabbi Noah, his education, and the wonderful work he is doing with his wife Sarah at Yale Hillel, go to http://blogs.yu.edu/news/2014/03/17/tapping-into-the-power-of-community/#more-16210

Adams Street Fields a Team!

DrapkinRonny-new-150x200Join your friends, and make new ones, as members of the Adams Street Shul participate in the Second Annual Walk for Rofeh, on Sunday, April 27, at the DCR Chestnut Hill Reservoir.  This event is a 5 km (3.1 mile) family-friendly walk to support Rofeh International. 

Rofeh is a great cause!  People from all around the world and throughout the United States come to Boston’s prestigious medical centers for life saving medical treatment.  These patients and their families are stuck far from home, perhaps for a long time, and are feeling vulnerable in a stressful and unfamiliar environment. 

Rofeh ensures that the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their families are met with loving kindness, warmth and dignity.  The Rofeh support system includes medical referrals, food, housing, and social services — all at no charge to those stressed with illness and financial pressures.

Horowitz Rabbi Naftoli HorowitzRofeh was founded by the previous Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowitz; and is now directed by his youngest son, the current Bostoner Rebbe, Rabbi Naftali Yehuda Horowitz.

Now that Purim is over, please consider signing up for the walk.  Help raise money for this great charity that is doing important work right here in Boston. 

And you get a really cool Rofeh T-shirt, and a Team Adams Street cap!

The link to register is: http://walk.rofehint.org/rofeh/register.asp

Click on ‘Join a Team’.   After you fill out your information, you can select “The Adams Street Shul” team under the Fundraising section.

If you can’t make the walk, please consider making a donation on our Team page to support this cause: http://walk.rofehint.org/rofeh/teampage.asp?fundid=1830

Registration is $36 for students; $54 for individuals; and $72 for families (no limit on number of family members).  There is no fundraising minimum.

Now that Purim is over please consider signing up for the 5 km (3.1 miles) walk on Sunday, April 27th, to support Rofeh International.

This is a great opportunity to do something together as a family, as friends, and as a community.  The Drapkin, Kadden, and Cantor families have already signed up, and more are on the way!  We are looking forward to walking together!

Chesed Committee Contacts
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Shabbat Times

Candle-Lighting in Nonantum for Friday, April 18, is at 7:13 pm.   Shabbat concludes at 8:14 pm on Saturday, April 19.  

Weekly Torah Portion

Minyans This Week

Friday:  pm
Saturday:  9:00 am
Sunday:  8:00 am

Education This Week

Thursday, April 17, at 08:30 PM
Rambam's "Letter to Yemen"
taught by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, located around the corner from the shul, in Yury's Piano Shop.

Saturday, April 19, at 10:30 AM
Children's Shabbat Program
for ages 3 to 8

Sunday, April 20, at 09:00 AM
Talmud Class: Good Neighbors (and, well, the oy vey kind)
Tractate Bava Batra, taught by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.

Wednesday, April 23, at 07:30 PM
Anatomy of the Mitzvot
taught Rabbi Weinberg in his home, at 130 Crafts Street.

Thursday, April 24, at 08:30 PM
Rambam's "Letter to Yemen"
taught by Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, located around the corner from the shul, in Yury's Piano Shop.

Last Week's Kiddush Sponor

The Kadden Family, in honor of Maddie Kadden's sixth Birthday (on April 7).

Next Week's Kiddush Sponor

Dr. Len Berman, in memory of his mother Masha bas Avrohom.

This Week's Volunteers

Aryeh Cheses
Musicians Wanted

KhanukaevMaestroSergey Sergey Khanukaev, our member and accomplished pianist and musical conductor, would like to organize a professional instrumental ensemble of children ages 9 to 16 to perform a variety of musical pieces focused on Jewish themes. 

After a series of rehearsals and preparations he would launch a series of concerts in Boston. This is a highly innovative idea, since there are currently no children's ensembles that are focused primarily on performing the masterpieces of Jewish music. 

Dr. Khanukaev would very much like to discuss his proposal with prospective parents and students.  Please contact him at 617-669-7778 or at to discuss ways in which you might collaborate.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come
Bert Grand at the Shul Centennial Red Sox OutingWe hope you have enjoyed the pleasant socializing each week after Shabbat morning services. Have you ever wondered how the shul manages to provide the kiddush even on weeks when it has not been sponsored? 

The Grand Family Kiddush Fund sponsors the kiddush whenever no one else has.  Even if you cannot sponsor a kiddush on your own, small donations in any amount are always welcome.  Simply designate that your donation is for The Grand Family Kiddush Fund. 

It's a nice way to honor someone, celebrate a simcha, or memorialize a loved one.  You can donate online now.

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